Mystery Mix Tracklist and Other Random Curiosities

While the mystery mix didn't yield the type of results I anticipated, there were a couple people who asked for a track list. Besides revealing the track list for the mix, this post will feature an assortment of random curiosities that may peak your interest further. I encourage you to look into some of these artists further, as many of their other songs are equally as great as the ones featured on this mix.

Mystery Mix- L'avventura

1) The Invaders- Spacing Out
2) Area- Chilometri Da Smirne
3) El Rego Et Ses Commandos- Petite Rosette
4) Gil Alluminogeni- Cosmo
5) John Cale- Adelaide
6) Karen Dalton- Blues on the Ceiling
7) Dane Sturgeon- Whip of Love
8) Franco Battiato- Energia
9) Dave Lamb & Gye Whiz- Shine On Me
10) Calamity Jane- Olympia
11) Ruth Copeland- Your Love Has Been So Good to Me
12) Back Door- Jive Grind
13) Souls of Mischief- Let 'Em Know
14) Joe Henderson- Vis a Vis
15) Bunzu Sounds- Zinabu
16) Bodo Molitor- Real Real
17) The Southerners- Jesus is Real to Me

Total Time: 63 Mins

Here are a few of the records that I've been digging lately.

Black Milk- Fever-  Foe Friend

After hearing that the sound of his new record was influenced by Tame Impala's Currents, I was keeping my expectations low. But after giving the record some time to breathe on its own, I discovered that it's probably my favorite record of his to date. While synthesizers take on a more prominent role on this record, they merely act as another color added to Black Milk's ever expanding musical canvas. It's the inspired, lyrical stream of consciousness and the jazz-inflected live instrumentation that really brings these tracks to life.

The Breeders- All Nerve- Nervous Mary

While I've barely gotten a chance to sink my teeth into the latest long player from the Deal sisters, it sounds like a primed and ready '67 Chevy Camaro firing on all cylinders. This is not surprising as it's a revival of sorts with the same lineup as the Last Splash sessions. It sounds like the entire band has been revitalized as many of these songs are brimming over with unbridled enthusiasm, catchy melodies and heavy guitar riffs.

Sunbirds- S-T-  Spanish Sun

If you just glance at this album cover of a sun setting in a marmalade sky, you would be forgiven for dismissing it as a throw-away new-age record. I think I did the same thing, but then I recently stumbled upon a review of the record on Rate Your Music that likened it to bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Can and Embryo. From the point that I heard Spanish Sun, there was no turning back. It sounds like the best of everything in one song: jazz, ambient, psychedelic rock, fusion, krautrock and electronic. If you like your music with layers, this will be your bread and butter. 

Jeane-Claude Pelletier- Streaking-  Hello Streakers!

This was another one I found while traversing the amazing lists on Rate Your Music that featured psychedelic funk . It sounds like music taken from a lost Blaxploitation movie from the 70's featuring copious amounts of wah-wah, fat bass lines, and hard-hitting drums. If you're looking for something with a groove, look no further.

Here are some upcoming releases that I'm looking forward to in the next couple months.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Sex & Food-  American Guilt

While Multi-Love was a bit of a disappointment, I still hold the faith that these guys can deliver the goods with this new record. The first single "American Guilt" mixes dirty guitar riffs with lo-fi vocals, harking more towards the sound on their sophomore effort II. Hopefully they get back to doing what they do best which is psychedelic funk with stellar guitar solos.

Release date-  4/6

Drinks- Hippo Lite- Real Outside

I really dug the last collaboration between White Fence's Tim Presley and Cate Le Bon, so I'm anxiously awaiting the new record. The first single released from the record "Real Outside"is an angular post-punk gem with enrapturing vocals that slowly reveals layers that you didn't know were there at first. Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley never disappoint, so this one is sure to be a corker.

Release date-4-20

The Nels Cline 4- Currents, Constellations-  Imperfect 10

I prefer the face-melting, avant-garde Nels Cline to the sound he featured on his last couple albums, but if the lead single "Imperfect 10" is any indication of the sound of the new album, I don't think I'll be disappointed at all. I hear shades of Mahavishnu, Coryell and Moppa Elliott on this song alone.

Release date- 4/13

La Luz- Floating Features-  California Finally

It feels like I've been waiting for a new album from these incredibly talented ladies for quite some time, but good things usually come to those who wait. The second single from their highly anticipated new record Floating Features, "California, Finally," is a noirish, moody delight of a track that tickles the pleasure center of your brain with enchanting melodies and surf-inspired guitar riffs.

Release date- 5/11

What songs/records are grabbing your ears right now? Are there any records that you're excited to hear in 2018?  


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