L'avventura- Mystery Mix

You never know when inspiration will strike next. It could happen while pondering the meaning of life while toiling away at your office job. It could happen when you are going for a brisk walk in the middle of a downpour. It could happen as you let your mind aimlessly wander while on a slow drive, or bus ride home after a long day at work. It could simply occur when having a conversation with a loved one who ignites a spark within your creative soul. 

A young man and woman meet on a scenic train ride through the countryside. As idle conversation goes on, the man asks the woman, "Which came first for you?  Music or love?" She responds "Music, of course. A fiancee you've gotta look for, but a radio can be bought". The man goes on to say that it was "love" for him, and that he knows a great deal about the ways of the heart.

With so many distractions as of late, I needed something to get me back on track, and while taking the early hours of the day to watch the exquisite, cinematic and tragically beautiful Michelangelo Antonioni film from 1960 entitled "Laaventura" I discovered the aforementioned conversation between these two strangers on a train. What came first for me, besides the unconditional love from my parents and siblings, was "the love of music". Ever since I was a child, I had such a profound appreciation for music that, according to my parents, I even said "No, da, da, da" to my grandmother when she forgot the words to "Rockabye Baby" while trying to rock me to sleep. Even though I haven't mastered a musical instrument up to this point in my life, it's clear to me that I have musical notes coursing through my veins, and a vast catalog of melodies and rhythms stored in my cerebral cortex to be called upon at a moment's notice.

Awhile ago on Eclectic Grooves, I had a series called "Plain Brown Wrappers" which featured cryptic reviews of obscure records without revealing the name of the artist or album. The idea was to have the visitors try to guess who the artist was, and get everyone engaged in an ongoing conversation about rare artists and albums that they have discovered throughout their lives. It was one of the most popular series since the inception of the blog that unfortunately fizzled due to a lack of visitor participation. My latest idea for a mystery mix series came from scouring the Waxidermy message board, and noticing that there were more comments and participation from people when they didn't know the name of the songs on the mix. It was the not knowing that made people more curious about the songs contained in the mix.

Today is my first foray into the land of the mystery mix, and with that I'll leave you with one last note. L'aaventura is an Italian term that has a double meaning of "fling" and "adventure". Please join me on this musical adventure, or fling, if you will.

If you are curious about any of the songs or artists contained on this mix, please leave me a comment.

Mystery mix #1- L'avventura

Until next time..

Addendum: It was brought to my attention by someone in the comments section that some of the links from Mirror Creator contained ad/malware. Since I don't know which ones in particular, I have opted to return to Mediafire for my file-sharing needs, and will be looking into a better long-term solution. From what I can tell, Mediafire's ads are less obtrusive and don't contain any derogatory material/pop-ups.


robin said…
Flagged as malware. Why is this an ISO with embedded EXE if it's only music?

robin said…
Follow-up: Downloading through the Zippyshare link worked fine. But I highly recommend you stop using this service as it does spam with malware etc.
robin said…
Wish I could edit previous comments but instead I will add another.

This is indeed one of my favourite Antonioni films along with "L'Eclisse" (1962) and "Red Desert" (1964). Simply masterful films.

"Zabriskie Point" (1970) also worth a look. Worth the wait for the stunning finale.

Then try "La Notte" (1961), "Blowup" (1966), and "The Passenger" (1975), though I don't think as much of them.

First couple of tracks real groovy by the way. :-)
Kevin said…
Hi Robin. Thanks for letting me know that you were experiencing issues with the service. I have never experienced problems with Mirror creator before, or at least no one had reported this to me. Was it Mirror Creator itself that had the malware, or did you experience this on one of the specific sharing site links?

Was there any spam/malware attached to the Zippyshare link? It sounds like I should figure out a new service to share my links as this is probably affecting how many people are actually able to download the music. I'll have to look into this some more, but I appreciate you letting me know.

Regarding your recommendations for other films to check out: I have seen Zabriskie Point, Blow-Up and The Passenger. I'll add L'Eclisse, Red Desert and La Notte to my list of movies to check out.

Last, I'm glad you dig the first couple tracks. Do you have any guesses as to who they are?

Best, Kevin

Tavi said…
Dear friend: Thank you beforehand for an experience I thin will be very creative. The tape you included in the post makes me remember a time when some friends used to exchange letters on tape, sometimes without specify the source of the music included there. My original language is spanish, in case the previous paragraph makes no sense.Gustavo from Argentina.
The Swede said…
Hi Kevin. I'm a few cuts into this mix, but have yet to confidently recognise anything. It's all fabulous though. Will a full tracklist ultimately be forthcoming, to satisfy the curious?
(PS. I'm getting no feed from your blog to my blogroll - is there a problem?)
Kevin said…
Tavi: I apologize for not responding sooner to your comment. Thanks for stopping by, and checking out the mix! Do you have any guesses as to what the songs are? There will be a playlist revealed later this week.

Swede: I hope to post a tracklist this weekend to satisfy everyone's curiosity. So, no idea whatsoever? I guess I've really stumped people this time around. Keep listening.. You may get a couple towards the second half of the mix.

As far as getting a feed from my blog, I have confirmed that the feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/EclecticGrooves is not down on my end. If I may be of any assistance with this, please let me know.



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