I Hear a New World Vol.22

The latest edition of I Hear a New World is available to listen to here, and to listen\download at http://ihearanewworld.podomatic.com/.

After a long period of silence, I am happy to say that I am back again. Sadly, events beyond my control have prevented me from compiling and recording a new podcast during the past few months, but I have a feeling that this podcast will more than make up for my absence.

Today's podcast is mostly inspired by the eclectic radio shows featured on the new Portland radio station http://xray.fm. Since its inception a couple months ago, I have been obsessively listening to a few of these shows such as Live Vinyl Treats, Hot Fudge Sundaze  and Headbanded. Afterwards, I usually find myself scouring through my hard drive looking for songs, extemporaneously compiling mixes on the fly that would be perfect for this podcast. The range of tunes on this edition of I Hear a New World run the gamut from free-jazz funk, folk-jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic, electro-acoustic, whacked-out country, instrumental funk, etc. If you are down with this one, you will most likely enjoy the new direction in sound that I will be taking in the future. I have already completed 3 more mixes in the same vein that will hopefully be posted soon.

Addendum: I neglected to mention a couple other Xray.fm shows that are definitely worth checking out:  Backroad to Nowhere and 'Buked and Scorned: The Gospel Radio Hour. 

I Hear a New World Vol.22

1) Bill Spencer- The Jackson's Part 1&2
2) Ros Serysothea- Chnam Oum Dop Pram Muy (I'm 16)
3) The Flys- Love and Molotov Cocktail
4) Neo Boys- Dirty White Lies
5) Darondo- The Wolf
6) Jeremiah Jae and Oliver the 2nd- Survival
7) Claudio Gabis- Esto Se Acoba Aqui
8) Jean Pierre Massiera- La Turbie Perhanienne
9) Eero Koivistoinen Music Society- Hot C
10) John Cale- Hello There
11) The Inner Space- Kamerasong
12) Juana Molina- Sin Guia No
13) Flying Lotus- Arkestry
14) Josephine Foster- Shay Shay
15) Eddie Gale- The Rain
16) Embryo- End of Soul
17) The Three Suns- Bidin' My Time
18) Pete Drake and His Talking Steel Guitar- My Abilene
19) Prodigal Suns- Little Girl from Puerto Rico
20) Lena Hughes- Spanish Fandango

Until next time, I hope you hear some new tunes here that bring a smile to your face.


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