I Hear a New World Vol.21

The latest edition of I Hear a New World is available to listen to here, and to listen\download at http://ihearanewworld.podomatic.com/.

It's been a long time since I posted a new podcast on here, but this one has been in the works for awhile. This episode was compiled a few months ago, and it was recorded through my computer since my turntable is not currently hooked up to my stereo due to a change in my entertainment center setup. I was inspired to create this mix one evening when I was just listening to random tunes while surfing the web. As I went from folder to folder on my computer, I began to see the podcast take shape right before my eyes. In fact, you could even imagine listening to this one without the song identification between the songs.

As far as content, you can expect a heady mix of jazz, hip-hop, soul, shoegaze and international sounds. In any event, I hope that you find something here amongst this batch of tunes that makes your ears smile!

I Hear a New World Vol.21

1) Black Truth Rhythm Band- Ifetayo
2) Lee Moses- Time and Place
3) The Bar Kays- Smilin' Stylin and Profilin'
4) Joey Bada$$- Hillary Swank
5) Dizzy Gillespie- Matrix
6) King Tubby- Chapter of Money
7) Choo Ja Kim- Nobody Knows What's On My Mind
8) La Luz- Call Me in the Day
9) Hailu Mergia- Shemonmuanaye
10) Parquet Courts- You've Got Me Wonderin' Now
11) White Poppy- Wear Me Away
12) Grouper- Cloud in Places

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