Blood Curdling Sounds of the Night

The Halloween edition of the I Hear a New World Podcast is available to listen to here, and to listen/download at

Last night, while working diligently at finishing this mix before the weekend was over, I found myself struggling with the reality that I couldn't make this year's mix be everything to all people.    When my girlfriend inquired as to how things were going, I told her that I was having difficulties with trying to round it out with songs that were less scary and more suitable for a general audience. She smiled and said "I bet there are some people out there who would really appreciate a scary Halloween mix".  Thankfully,  my girlfriend was able to steer me in the right direction with her infinite wisdom.

From here, all the pieces started to gradually fall into place.  I worked on narrowing the amount of songs from over forty to around twenty, and I finished putting the intro together this morning. On previous mixes, I have provided the listener with some respite from the horror in the form of a campy horror trailer or a melodic doo-wop song about visiting a cemetery in the middle of the night. This time around, you will not be so fortunate to receive a break from the terror. Aside from a couple rockabilly and garage rock songs, this is one of the most spine-tingling, blood curdling mixes that you are likely to hear on the internet.

Please make sure to lock all of your doors, and don't listen to this with the lights out as the darkness that creeps in might make you lose your mind.

For anyone who wants a track listing for this mix, please drop me a line in the comments.

Happy Halloween!


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