My Bloody Valentine New Album- The Wait is Over (Sorta)

I was a little late to the party, but apparently it was broadcast on the My Bloody Valentine Facebook and Twitter pages that they were releasing the new album on their website later on today.  Shortly after the announcement was posted that the album was now "live", the servers for the website were instantly overloaded to the point that virtually no one has been able to access the site to purchase the new record. Many have taken to the approach of repetitively pressing F5 to refresh the page to no avail. I do know that the vinyl is limited edition, and is likely already out-of-print. You have to be really quick these days to catch limited edition release before they are gone.

The information I was able to get about the record is included in the picture below with the tracklist of the record provided from a random person on Facebook.

This is information taken from the band's website before the server crashed, also taken from a random person from Facebook: 

The new album is available to buy now.

The album is available in three formats:
180 gram vinyl + CD + digital download of your choice
CD + digital download of your choice
digital download of your choice

The digital download will be available in the following file types:
16bit 44.1 K WAV file (cd quality)
320kbps MP3
24bit 96 K WAV file

The price of the digital download only is the same regardless of the file quality and size.

The vinyl has been recorded, mixed and mastered in analogue. It is manufactured on 180 gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with the CD in a card wallet. The vinyl will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions.

The CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve.

The vinyl and CD artwork is currently being finished and each format will have slightly different but similar artwork to the download artwork that will be attached to your download (pictured in main pack-shot on right of screen).

1. she found now
2. only tomorrow
3. who sees you
4. is this and yes
5. if i am
6. new you
7. in another way
8. nothing is


icastico said…
It is pretty good...but doesn't really add anything to their body of work. It is high-quality more-of-the-same. Too bad. The sound was ground-breaking when Loveless came out. With a 16 dollar price tag for the download, I'll be skipping this one. They probably could have had 5 or 10 bucks from me. Their loss.

Kevin said…
Icastico: It's good to hear from you again. I have missed the participation from a lot of the regulars on here. Would be great if you stopped by more often and gave me a shout. I hope to stop by your blog soemtime and check out your latest posts.

Regarding MBV, I'm going to give it some more time to sink in, as I have only really listened to it one time. It sounds great to me so far, but there were more expectations for this album than the second coming of Christ. Considering this, it doesn't really surprise me that a lot of MBV fans feel let down. Following an epic record like Loveless is not an easy task. Granted, Shields had plenty of time to create this record, so it is going to be under the scrutiny of ten billion fans who are expecting it to be a perfect distillation of what they thought it would sound like. Overall, I think it's just fantastic that the band recorded something new and will hopefully continue to tour the world so I can finally see them live.
icastico said…

I am not disappointed in the music. It is a good record. It is just as I expected it to sound. The only disappointment is the marketing. $16 bucks for the limited edition vinyl, I can see...but for a digital download? And given the way they ran into problems with their website, why not utilize a system like bandcamp to avoid technical issues?

Anyway...since this is a shoegaze posting about retro 90's walls of sound, you might start by checking out this release of mine from last year...I am sure that Loveless gets some credit for influencing its creation.
Kevin said…
I hear what you are saying about the cost for the digital download being too high. I think that the purchase price should be for the vinyl and/or cd, and the digital download should come with the purchase of either of these. As far as purchasing the download itself, it's difficult to say what is fair. There is a large amount of their fan base who would only want to purchase a digital download, so they have to charge about the same price that they would for the record to make any money off of the download. I do feel that they could have offered a higher quality FLAC file for this, but that's just my opinion.

Also, it seems like they weren't technically prepared for the onslaught of people trying to access their site to purchase the record. Using Bandcamp would have seemed like a logical way to release their latest album, but would Bandcamp's servers have been equipped for the internet traffic caused by the popularity of a new MBV album.

Thanks for letting me know about your release from last year. I plan to listen to this tonight.



Hey Kevin,

Another stranger pops outta the woodwork. Sorry i haven't been around much. Moved. Got a different job. Lost interest in blogging after seeing hundreds of files disappear after the SWAT take-down of MegaUpload & the fucktardization of Mediafire & Rapidshare. The usual.

Just got back into the swing of things with the birth of MEGA & have been busy.

To pitch in my two cents on Bloody Valentines, it's good. Glad Kevin Shields is still doing it. Don't really compare this & that, new & old, just try to give it a fair shake on its own virtues or lack thereof. My only complaint is echoing icastico...$16 for a download, whew. With the amount of listeners reachable by internet, 1 million fans = $1Million at only a buck a pop. I'm not saying a buck, but stay in the game. 79 to 99 cents per track seems to be about the going rate, so 9 tracks should be $10 or less. 1 million fans = $10Million. not a bad pay day, what.

I'll try to keep more regular (more fiber, maybe). Stop by NSS, see what's new.
Kevin said…
Hey Nathan. Good to hear from you again. I think that a lot of bloggers have been laying low since the Megaupload and Mediafire takedown. I still have many files on Mediafire that are actively working, however I don't post anything new on there. I've been feeling sort of down about the amount of comments that the blog has received lately. If you have any thoughts about why people haven't been reaching out to tell me what they like or don't like lately I would love to hear them.

I will definitely stop by your blog soon.



One thing about comments is, a lot of people have the blogs they follow on their mobile devices (phone, whatever) & just check out the latest & download if they want, but don't really visit the sites or comment. & they're lazy.
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