Plain Brown Wrappers #10- The Epiphany

First things first. During the month of January, The I Hear a New World podcast has exceeded the monthly quota of 15 Gigs alotted by Podomatic for the basic subscription. While this a fantastic thing, it also means that readers won't be able to partake in listening to the podcast until the quota is reset on January 31st. I wish I could upgrade to the "Pro" subscription, but I just don't have the financial resources to do this right now. One thing that puzzles me is that, while my show has exceeded the monthly bandwidth quota for the first time, it has not exactly been one of the highest rated podcasts on Podomatic this month.  I have noticed that you can still listen to the most recent podcasts uploaded on Eclectic Grooves, but the entire archive of I Hear a New World will be inaccessible until January 31st. I am told that those who try to listen to the podcast until this date receive the following message basically asking listeners to donate money so that they can listen to the podcast. If you would like to donate, far be it from me to stand in your way, but I don't expect any of you to do this.
It has been quite some time since the last edition of Plain Brown Wrappers, so it is with great pleasure that I bring this one to you today. Please let me know in the comments as to whether you feel that this series is like a ship that has sailed it's last voyage, or if you think there is something that can put the wind back in its sails. I would love to keep bringing these to you as long as I am inspired to do so, but I need more visitors to get excited about these posts by posting more comments and getting more involved.  

Today's epsiode of Plain Brown Wrappers is brought to you from that warped and twisted part of my brain that turns cartwheels through the gray matter of a deranged malfeasant who has spent way too many hours devouring Alejandro Jodorowsky movies in the black of night.  Blessed be those who can sit through this album without overtaxing your brain to make some palpable sense of it all. Music like this is best when it is not overanalyzed, as the complex rhythms and interweaving brass section are like characters in a novel telling their own fascinating stories. It is a wild amalgamation of avant garde cacophony, carnivalesque melodies, incendiary free jazz and mellow atmospherics that will make you forget everything that you were supposed to do during this exact moment. Let yourself be taken into this magical universe of sound.

Until next time...


Just got back on the interweb after the last 12 days spent in a cramped motel room with my wife & daughter. Friday last, 3:30am I awoke to the sound of water running somewhere in our domicile. As I headed toward the kitchen I slogged through several inches of water that was pooled in our living room, dining room, & kitchen. A old galvanized water line under the concrete slab of our house had burst & water was seeping up through the floor. It has taken until yesterday to repair. I have yet to assess all the damage, but as soon as we returned home & settled down a bit, I fired up the old comp. to see what was going on. I found I was late to the game of PBW#10 but first to comment.

I am downloading now & am looking forward to the relief this unknown musick will provide & the mental distraction it will give that I so need.

Thanks, Kevin...a life (or at least sanity) saver once more. I'll get back to you later on what I think it might be (or not, my mind is plenty stumped right now on its own).
Kevin said…
Thanks for commenting Nathan. It sounds like it was one hell of a mess that you had to deal with recently. I hope that you are able to get your place back in order with minimal loss and damage. Best wishes to you and your family

I have to say that I do appreciate your dedication, as considering your recent struggles, I wouldn't have thought you would be the first to comment on this post. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I do feel that the Plain Brown Wrappers series has not been as popular with the readers as I would have hoped.

Maybe it's a perfect time to end the series, as I have reached a sort of milestone with ten episodes. If you or anybody else would care to chime in about this, I would love to hear what you think.
No-head said…
Sorry, been away a while and only just got back. Listened to this earlier today. A bold choice for the French entry to the 1987 Eurovision song contest and worthy winners of that year's French Idol.:) What more can I say? This is mad music and I have absolutely no idea what it is. Good fun though!

I get your point about PBW but then again would i be listening to this if you just posted it, title and all? Possibly not.
Z j A k said…
Last but not least I've just discovered your blog. Welcome on >< dedicated to Poly-Rythmo's and beninese music. You are now on my favorite blogs list , feel free to do the same if you appreciate the "Kings of Benin" !
buzzbabyjesus said…
I just discovered your blog. The Plain Brown Wrapper is an idea I haven't seen yet. I acquired based on the followup description. That said, I would probably acquire one without knowing what it is, at the same time, I wish I had song titles.
Anyway, I found you about fifteen minutes ago, and from what I can see, that's a very good thing.
I have a song based blog, what I do is sift through a lot of found music and find the tunes that invite further listening, and make a cd playlist I can listen to instead of the radio in the car.
I've been making "mix tapes" all my life.

Now I'm going to give Albert's 7 nameless tunes a spin.
buzzbabyjesus said…
wasn't that hard to get the titles. found a bio to read along the way.
Kevin said…
No-Head- Along with Nathan and Icastico, you are my bread and butter. I hope you guys continue to find reasons to stop by my little corner of the world. I love your tongue in cheek comment about the Albert Marcouer record ("French entry to the 1987 Eurovision song contest and worthy winners of that year's French Idol. ")


thanks for stopping by. I have added you to my blog links. Thanks for addid me to yours, and please let everyone you know about my blog if you think they might dig it.


Thanks for stopping by! It sounds like you were able to locate the song titles for the Albert Marcouer. Sounds like you enjoyed the Plain Brown Wrappers posts as well. It simply got to a point where I felt that maybe the feature had run its course, due to the lack of comments and downloads. I enjoyed doing it for awhile, but I am switching up the way things are presented on the blog. Will make sure to check out your blog soon. Hope that you continue to stop by.

Best, Kevin
Z j A k said…
Albert would thank you to spell his name MARCOEUR...keep digging friends
Kevin said…
Certainly meant no disrespect Zjak. I was posting the comments during my lunch break at work, and merely transposed the U and E. What is more important to me is that Albert's music is celebrated for its creative genius.
Z j A k said…
Of course ! disrepect was not my meaning. Informations about Albert could be easier to find that way.
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