I Hear a New World Podcast- Best Albums of 2010

Well, I know that Eclectic Grooves has been neglected lately, but serious life issues have materialized recently that have required more of my time and energy. This is not to say that I will be abandoning the site though, as I have a couple huge posts coming up over the next month. One of these posts is the massive list of my favorite albums of 2010 that I have been compiling over the past couple months. I am certain that there are still going to be some albums coming out in December that may deserve to be on this list, but I plan to have this list done no later than December 15th.

With that being said, today's I Hear a New World Podcast focuses on music released in 2010 that will likely be included on my year-end list. I have included a setlist below just in case you are unable to catch the artists and song titles from my repartee throughout the show

The latest edition of I Hear a New World is available for download here, and at http://ihearanewworld.podomatic.com/.

I would love to hear about what kind of music you have been jazzed about lately, as well as your picks for the Best Albums of 2010

I Hear a New World Podcast: Best Albums of 2010

1) Group Inerane- Alemin (Kaudede)
2) Youngsters- I Wanna Be Your Man
3) Ty Segall- Alone
4) The Fresh and Onlys- Waterfall
5) Benoit Pioulard- RTO
6) Sun Araw- Deep Temple
7) Golden Triangle- Neon Noose
8) Lower Dens- Holy Water
9) Deerhunter- Basement Scene
10)Omar Khorshid- Wadil Muluk (Valley of the Kings)
11)Mary Halvorson Quintet- Leak Over Six Five
12)Eddy Current Suppression Ring- Rush to Relax


No-head said…
I can't believe I'm the only person who reads this blog! Come on people, some encouragement here!

Can't compete with your depth of listening, Kevin but here's a few things I've liked over the last year. Don't think it's been a classic year to be honest - a bit disappointing. Anyway in no particular order:
Matts Gustaffson "Needs!"
Guanaco "Sky Burials"
Misophone "Be Glad you are Only Human"
Serafina Steer "Change is Good, Change is Good"
Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics "Lloyd Miller"
Alasdair Roberts "Too Long in This Condition" (just to demonstrate that we Scots have this weird folk thing in the bag)
Shangaan Electro - gobsmackingly good compilation of new music from South Africa.
Omar Souleyman "Jazeera Nights"
I might even consider Cam Dias and Family Elan is the list as well if only because they're local kids and they deserve some exposure.

And I absolutely agree with the inclusion of Omar Khoshid - exceptional music from a part of the world which doesn't get a lot of recognition.

Anyway winter's come early and it's bloody cold - time to break out the Sun Ra reissue to keep me warm.
Kevin said…
Thanks again Nohead. I don't think that you're the onyl person who reads this blog, but you certainly are about the only person who leaves comments. I really appreciate your list, as there are plenty of things that I have yet to hear. About the only one that I'm not sure of is Omar Souleyman. The songs that I've heard from his previous records have not grabbed me yet. Hadn't yet heard the compilation Shangaan Electro, but it sounds right up my alley. Also, I really dig Mats Gustafsson's stuff with The Thing, etc, so I will look forward to checking this out. You have given me many new avenues to explore. The last thing I will say is in regards to your comment about 2010 not being a great year in music, I feel that the more I search the deeper I can
go into some pretty fantastic stuff. As with anything, we have to be willing to dig to find the true gems. I hope you will find some things that interest you when I post my final list.

Best, Kevin
No-head said…
That's why we rely on bloggers like you to put us in touch with music we might otherwise not hear.

Would like to know what you think of Shangaan Electro though - it's not often that a completely new genre of music appears on the scene and the fact that this stuff is created by musicians with few resources living in Eastern cape Province restores my faith in the power of music. It's also really good to dance to! As for Omar Suleiman maybe you'd change your mind if you went to a live show. I tell you, these Syrians know how to have a good time.

As always, keep exploring that vinyl frontier for us.Looking forward to the final list. Peace
ajnabi said…
Hey Kevin,
Glad to see another best of 2010. Look forward to listening to your tastes.
My only 'Best of' is over on my blog, http://washermansdog-ajnabi.blogspot.com/
glad to see some arabic music in your selection. I'll come back to you on my reflections on them.
Keep blogging.
Kevin said…
Sorry that it took me so long to reply to the comments for this post. I want you all to know that I do read each comment and appreciate them very much.

No Head: Thanks for the encouraging words! Man, it is really hard to keep things interesting around here, so it is great to hear positive and constructive feedback from the readers and listeners as to what they like and dislike. I have yet to locate that Shangaan Electro compilation yet, but I will definitely let you know what I think about it when I do come across it.


It's good to see someone new commenting on here. Thanks for sharing your list with me, and for the encouraging words. I checked out your list, and thought that you had some good things on there. I noticed that you had chosen albums that were not released in 2010. Sometimes it is whatever is grabbing us right now, and that isn't always the current music of the day. I have felt that there has been enough great music released during 2010, that I didn't need to dip into previous years, but this is strictly my opinion.

Best to you both, Kevin

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