I Hear a New World Podcast #17- Stacks of Wax Vol.3

The 17th episode of I Hear a New World is available for download at http://ihearanewworld.podomatic.com.

This edition features many vinyl treasures that I picked up at local record stores over the last couple weeks. Artists that were featured on this podcast include Grass Widow, Neil Young, Ornette Coleman, Rev Louis Overstreet and Thee Oh Sees. It features an upbeat mixture of psychedelia, gospel blues, jazz, afro-groove and spanish flamenco.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this week's podcast, so please drop me a line. Also, I would be happy to provide a tracklist for this show to anyone who is interested.

Keep it tuned to Eclectic Grooves for more amazing sounds in the coming weeks.


No-head said…
Hi, kevin. Many thanks again for the hard work and dedication that goes into these things. I'd not been able to listen to it until today. After a particularly hard and emotional couple of weeks with my family in Scotland I listened to it on the way home. Just what I needed. Good fun as usual with one or two wee gems to spirit away the blues. Keep on keeping on.
Kevin said…
Hey No Head. I have an e-mail with your real name, but I don't have access to my e-mails from work.
Anyway, just wanted to say that I hope everything is well with you and your family. Recently, I have been hit with some harsh realities about life. so I can appreciate that you have been going through some tough times yourself.

I also appreciate that you always seem to find time to comment on my blog. I wish that more people would give me a shout, but I am grateful for the comments I do receive. I would love to know what the songs were from this last podcast that you considered gems.

Thanks for the latest CD that you sent me. I just received it yesterday, but I will let you know what I think after I have a chance to digest it.

By the way, I am preparing to send you some EJB stuff in the next couple weeks.

Best wishes, Kevin

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