Plain Brown Wrappers #6- The Answer Is Revealed

Some of the regulars didn't offer their two cents on this one, but I had a couple interesting guesses from No-Head and Sam. I'm beginning to wonder if the day and age of having creative blogging communities has gone the way of the dinosaur. At one point and time, Eclectic Grooves pulling in a decent amount of comments and visitors. My numbers are dwindling for the most part, and the overall interest is waning.

With that being said, I will continue to keep plugging along until blogging becomes a chore. I realize that I haven't been posting very often lately, soI can understand why certain people would lost interest. If any of you are still out there, I would love to hear what's up, how you are doing, what music you are listening to, etc.

Now, on to the mystery disc from last week...

That's right, it's Bablicon's stunning debut record featuring Jeremy Barnes from Neutral Milk Hotel and members from another Elephant 6 band named The Gerbils. With fourteen tracks in all, each with it's own distinct sound, Bablicon set the bar pretty high for other experimental bands trying to make their mark in the music world around 1999. The band was clearly influenced by Henry Cow, Captain Beefheart, Fire-music like Archie Shepp and Charles Gayle, soundtracks and musique concrete. None of these songs stick with the same tempo or melody for too long, keeping the listener's attention for the duration. This album is intended to be digested as a whole, as each track seamlessly segues into the next one. Considering this statement, it is best listened to with minimal distractions, so that you may allow it to seep into your subconscience.

Bablicon went on to record two more albums before folding the unit in 2001, The Orange Tapered Moon EP in 2000, and A Flat Inside a Fog, The Cat That Was a Dog both on Pickled Egg/Misra records. As for the band's current status, Griffin Rodriguez is now in a band called Icy Demons who have released two records, and Jeremy Barnes is in a band called Hawk and a Hacksaw who has released three albums and an EP. As far as I know, all of their stuff is out of print, but you can find the CD's relatively cheap on Amazon. If you are interested in hearing their other stuff, I would also be happy to upload it in the future.
I'll be back soon with another I Hear a New World podcast and other assorted goodies.


chiutalk said…
Check out, run by Griffin Rodriguez. You should be able to contact them about getting out of print Bablicon stuff there.
No-head said…
I've heard of them but never actualy heard the music - so thanks again for the post. I'll console myself with the fact that my estimation of the music wasn't too far off the mark. Just got a copy of the album from those guys at Pickled Egg BTW. Any live recordings out there? Apparently they were shit hot live.

Just got back from a week + in NYC to find out I missed the latest Plain Brown Wrapper. That's why I didn't offer my 'two cents'. Easy to say after the fact, but I woulda blown this one out, too. Have all three Bablicon releases (never really was partial to Elephant 6 bands per se, a bit too twee for my liking). Bablicon, however, were just outre enough, skwonky enough, jazzy enough to be just great. This is a perfect album to hip people to musick that might not be in everyones lexicon of tuneage. Thanks, Kevin & don't get discouraged. Keep up the great work.
icastico said…
Ahhh. too late. oh well. next time.
Brain Flakes said…


- Diarrhea Planet

- Casey
icastico said…
A new one from aboombong for your enjoyment.

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