I Hear a New World- Podcast #10

The tenth episode of I Hear a New World is available to be downloaded at:

This is the conclusion to the Excursions In Space trilogy. Some of the artists that are included in this part of the podcast are: Ken Nordine, Broadcast, Kraftwerk and Angus Maclise. This episode focuses on a journey through space as well as the inevitable return back to civilization on planet Earth. Once again, I have interspersed the podcast with snippets from various sources of novelty records as well as cult sci-fi films to retain the theme of space travel.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed compiling them. For those of you who like surprises, don't read the tracklist below. Instead, let your mind travel to new and exciting worlds as your brain searches for the sources of inspiration used to create this podcast. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think about this episode.

I Hear a New World Podcast #10- Excursions In Space Part 3

1) Kraftwerk- Antenna
2) Jumbled Noise w/ Radio Rotation Period- Saturn
3) Angus Maclise- Shortwave Radio
4) Quazar- Sound
5) Intermission
6) Frank Strange- Third Planet from The Sun
7) Jimi Hendrix- Third Stone From the Sun
8) Tornados- Life On Venus
9) Dr. Fiorella Torenzi- Galactic Beats
10) Hawkwind- Space Is Deep
11) Superior Race
12) Rodd Keith- That Martian Jubilee
13) Eric Copeland- Tree Aliens
14) Vladamir Ussachevsky- Incantation for Tape
15) Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant- Spaceman In Orbit
16) Broadcast- Oh How I Miss You
17) Ken Nordine- Manned Satelite
18) Outro
19) Return Journey
20) The Others
21) Allen Bryant- Whirling Take-Off
22) Amon Tobin- Back From Space
23) Radiohead- Treefingers
24) Final Journey


E-mile said…
Boogie me NASA (Not All Strictly Awesome) and another great workout on that spaced out theme, cheers! peace, E-mile
Lucky said…
hi, kevin!

i had a listen to the recent 2 of your spaced-out podcasts. first thing first: the covers alone promised something whicked, i'm a big fan of ferrante & teicher's prepared-piano-stuff, so i hopped on it without hesitation.

can't say i'm a big fan of sci-fi b-movies, the many references to movies from that genre where sometimes funny. the eclectic nature of the mix doesn't make it coherent, but i suppose that's what was intended. to be true, i was not overall flipping with most of the tracks, but some where quite fun! rodd keith i knew from the tzadik compilation, wonderful weirdo. ken nordine is a classic and tobin blasts it off for the future, i guess. on the other one i enjoyed sun ra, f&t, bruce haack is always good for a laugh, can't say i do enjoy the pierre henry track anymore - too often heard, even on the radio! :)

hope this critic doesn't put you down, cause i definately see you've been diving well into this thing - grabbing all the various loose ends of pop music together and make a truly eclectic space groove. exhaustive, i can guess, but i'm sure very well worth the effort!!

saludos, lucky

p.s.: i'd be delighted to get a review by you for my own first try at the art of mixing - it's one from 2006 and i put a lot of heart blood into it, like we say in germany. it's called "whirled mix" and you can find it here:
Kevin said…
Hi emile. I'm not sure what you mean by "Not all Strictly Awesome". Are you referring to the song choices for the podcast or something else?

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. I hope it was worth your while.

Lucky: I must say that I repect your honesty, but I guess I wasn't expecting what you said.

First, I felt that the mix had a very coherent flow to it. In fact, I edited it over and over, listening to the segueways to make sure that they flowed swiftly.

Second, I don't know what kind of radio stations you have in Germany, but I've never heard that Pierre Henry track on the radio in the U.S.

I guess what I was looking for was for someone whose taste I respect to let me know what they think, because I've been getting little to no feedback on these podcasts.

I felt like there were many styles of music on here that you would dig so that's why I asked you to let me know what you thought of it. Overall, it sounds like you weren't blown away with the mix, which is totally fine. You are entitled to your opinion of the music contained in the podcast. It is hard for me to hear that you didn't necessarily dig it, but you are just one person. I have to remember that it's not always necessary to receive positive feedback on something. Throughout the creative process, we can often get bogged down in what people think of something, when what really counts is whether we think it was worth creating. Thank you for indulging me in my creative process. I will defintely check out your mix and give a fair critique of it.

Saludo, Kevin
E-mile said…
Kevin, "boogie me NASA" was ment as a compliment (hence the "space" theme, and "Not All Strictly Awesome" -> N.A.S.A., you get it? was indeed my way of saying it is (another) perfect comp on your behalve, but that I didn't "like" each song in it, so that's all :-)
As you maybe know I'm a sucker for comps with a theme, whether it is in content (Jungle-posts or the Africa-posts I did) or style or even on some particular use of an instrument (wah-wah chronicles)...
Looking forward to your next thing!
PS: I'm (was at the time) a enormous fan of Man Or Astroman, bought every CD, EP etc. kudos for including them in one of your pods!
one thing I kinda regret is that I hadn't the chance to see them live in let's say 1995, when they were at their "best"...
keep on podding, peace, E-mile
Jon Oda said…
this is hot...I really like Quazar's "sound." sounds like he's on the Sun Ra tip.
Kevin said…
Jon Oda:

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that you enjoyed Podcast Episode #10. I found that Quazar song on WFMU's Beware of the Blog- an endlesss resource for the esoteric music fan. the whole album isn't great, but this song perfectly captured what I was trying to do with the space theme.

Thanks for stopping by.

Best, Kevin

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