Nothing But Crickets

I realize that I haven't been updating this blog nearly as much as I had planned when I first started it eons ago (Actually it's only been two and half years, but who's counting, right)? But, seriously folks, there has been nothing but crickets on here for the past six months. The only post that really generated any excitement was the one on Barack Obama, but the comments mainly came fron right-winged conservatives looking to rain on my parade. Well, it wasn't really my parade, but you probably get the gist of what I'm saying here.

Right now, it's a ghost town around here, people! I can hear the whistling through the tumbleweeds and it's not music to my ears. I hope you guys realize that running a blog is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a site that provides its readers with something interesting and creative, enough so, that it encourages them to come back periodically.

These podcasts I've been doing lately are very time consuming and they require me to be in a particular headspace. So, they don't always come to fruition as quickly as I would like them to. Nevertheless, I put countless hours of work into making sure that the flow is seamless, so you have a more pleasurable listening experience. Also, I take the time to write thoughtful and engaging posts about the music and artists that I am interested in, but I'm not getting any feedback from you: the readers and listeners.

I have to wonder if the heyday of Eclectic Grooves has come to pass. I wonder if it's because I haven't been posting many full albums lately, or because there are just too many blogs and too little time to comment. I feel that my blog is not your average, run-of-the-mill sharity blog that just posts every album in their collection. I would like to think that I have something special here: a place where you can find well-written descriptive reviews on artists and music that you won't find on the radio anytime soon. But maybe I'm just living in a dream-world.
If there is anybody out there who is still listening, please give me a shout. Let me know what you're listening to lately and what you like and dislike about the format of Eclectic Grooves. Let's get the conversation started!


icastico said…
Cricket sounds are beautiful, no?
Kevin said…

I am saying that the amount of comments and hits on my blog lately is comparable to the sound of crickets: a sense of quietness or nothingness. If you think the sound they make is beautiful, that's great.

Anyway, I've noticed that you have commented on here before recently. What kind of music would you like to see more of on Eclectic Grooves? What are you listening to right now that is blowing your mind. I would like to know more about my readers, so we can engage in more conversations about music.

Best, Kevin
Anonymous said…
It's not just you, Kevin; I think the blog thing in general has seen people drawn away to other avenues.
Many people seem to have migrated to social networks like Facebook, which is a shame, because they aren't exactly set up for the kinds of things we like to do/share. They also seem really to be set up to mine lots of consumer metric information from clueless users. I include myself in that, as I seem to spend much more time on Facebook, lately, since that's where most of my friends and family are.
Also, so damn many Blogspot blogs have been yanked by Google, due to terms abuse. I just think the party's moved on to some extent and maybe that's just the nature of traffic on the web. The drag is that it's harder to direct people to some really interesting content like your podcasts. I would say keep it up and perhaps you'll reach some critical mass of listeners across the web or find another way to promote what you do.
E-mile said…
Hi Kevin, haven't been visiting here for a while, indeed just a (lack of) time issue...maybe full album spots get more attention, like you know it's nice to listen to something BEFORE buying it. My blog is all about seperate songs (too) and I also put a lotta work into the comps & themes (also the pics btw) I'm fully aware I don't hit traffic like an Ish blog or MFS (ofcourse not :-) and quite frankly I can't be bothered with it. Sometimes posts get dl-ed over 100 times without as much as a single comment, sometimes 25 times with 3 or 4 comments, so I can't say anything about that. Maybe the fact that there are so many blogs around today (and only 24 hours in a day's work) and also the "grab & go" mentality of many folks, is the reason for you gettin the feeling you're somehow fighting a lost battle... I personally feel that (many) comment sections on some spots are even "livelier" in terms of community than the actual posts themselves :-) Anywho, keep it up if you feel you can/must/want and enjoy the music that makes you feel good. There is so much old and new stuff to be discovered!!!
Peace, E-mile
Anonymous said…
Hey, Kevin!
Thanks for the kind words RE: my shows.
Just thought I'd mention that the podcast issue seems to have solved itself. I just got your last show.
Amazing stuff! You sure do a good show!

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