Change Is Gonna Come

From: Ain't That Good News [RCA Victor, 1964]
From: Change Has Got to Come [Community Library, 2006]
From: The Times They Are A-Changin [Columbia, 1964]

Otis Redding- Change Is Gonna Come
From: Otis Blue [Stax, 1965]

I realize that it's been a while since you've heard from me, but I just started a new job in the last two weeks and have been pretty strapped for time. In addition, I start another job this Wednesday, so I will undoubtedly have less time to publish new posts. Please check the archives and let me know when links aren't active, as I will be checking periodically to make sure that things are running smoothly here.

It took two terms of George W. Bush's corrupt politics to get the American people to show up at the polls in unprecedented numbers this year. According to the news, more people voted in this election than any previous election. In a way, I'm not surprised at this fact, because the American people have grown tired of the old ideas and extremist attitudes of the Bush era.

This year I decided that I wanted to experience this election in the presence of a huge crowd, so I went to the Doug Fir Lounge for their election night celebration. After watching the election coverage on a huge projected screen for about thirty minutes, I went upstairs to join my girlfriend and the rest of our group of friends. At this point, Obama was ahead in electoral votes by 72 points, but I didn't feel like we could rest on our laurels. We were counting on California, Oregon and Washington to take us to the promised land, and there could be no celebrating until this was a reality.

We didn't have to wait long as the screen suddenly flashed "CNN Projection- President-Elect Obama" a couple minutes later. The energy of the crowd couldn't be contained as they erupted with applause and exchanged hugs and high-fives with anyone who was in the vicinity. I was surprised and elated all at once, and I couldn't believe what had transpired until McCain delivered his concession speech. Within twenty minutes, Obama was scheduled to appear before a capacity crowd who had assembled to hear him speak at Grant Park in Chicago. While he was speaking, I glanced over at other people in the crowd and recognized their smiling faces as our new president delivered one of the most eloquent speeches that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I went home feeling the afterglow of a historic evening, one that marked the beginning of positive change for America and inevitably the rest of the world.

I hope you enjoy the tracks I've picked for today!


Simon666 said…
Good to read about your happiness and the optimism that's in the air :)
Anonymous said…
And what exctly makes you so sure that a change (let alone a better one) will come?
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry, but it's clear that you're just another hopeless cause who has decided to drink the Kool-Aid on Obama. He's a politician and nothing more. If you read his record, it's amazing at just how little he's actually accomplished in his life. What exactly is blind optimism going to get you? What has Obama done in the past that gives you any sense that "change" is going to happen? You think he's going to be bi-partisan?! Look at who he's already appointed? Just more dyed in the wool, hardcore Democrats. Granted, the choices weren't good in this election, but stop trying to deify someone who hasn't even taken office yet. He's not a god and he's not a saint...he's a politician.
Anonymous said…
Hope and change! Change and hope! Don't you liberal morons ever think for yourselves?
Kevin said…

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I really do believe that Obama is going to take this country in a new direction. Here's to getting behind a president with new ideas and a fresh outlook on the future of our country.


Whoever you are. I think it's really funny when someone posts something without the slightest bit of respect and then doesn't even reveal who they are. I appreciate that you aren't behind our new president, because that's your choice. I, myself, haven't been a supporter of the past two miserable terms of the Bush administration, and that's my prerogative. If you don't like what you see here, then please take it somewhere else.

Anonymous said…
I'm Alessandro, from Italy. I was born in the sixties, too. I'm one year younger than Obama. I'm very far from your country, but not too far from U.S. with my heart - you know, music, literature, science, way-of-life, ideals. My little sister lives in Colorado. I watch Dave Letterman show on sat-TV. I ashamed the very fool words spoken by italian prime minister about Obama. As an European citizen, I'm very happy and hopeful about your, our, new President. I think that everyone has to do the small things he/she can so that the change is gonna come. Good life to all, and thank you for your blog. and sorry for my bad english.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Simon666 said…
One thing I've never been able to reconcile with racists and right wingers is the extent of their passion versus their general cowardliness and anonymity. See comment above this.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kevin said…
Thanks for your comment Alessandro. I'm not aware of what the prime minister of Italy said about Obama. I agree with you that everyone must do their part to ensure that positive changes are made. He is only one person, so he will need the rest of the country to get behind him and support him. If he makes a poor decision or does something that is questionable, you better believe that I will hold him accountable for it. Best to you, my friend. Thanks for stopping by!

Kevin said…

I took the liberty of removing the "fry cook" comment and the last rant from our little anonymous friend. Thanks for replying in defense of Obama, but I can't help but wonder if calling Anon a "racist and right winger" was adding fuel to the fire. Anonymous posting is not allowed anymore because of this person and their persistent negativity. If someone is going to come on here and post negative and hurtful comments, I want to at least know what their name is. I hadn't wanted to take this step, but it seems like the best thing to do. This person may finally reveal himself, or if we're lucky he won't be returning. Soon, I will get back to the music which is the main focus of this blog.

Best, Kevin
Simon666 said…
Thanks Kevin, sorry to have fed the troll.
Leopold Stotch said…
Nice post, btw if you're looking for more covers of 'Change' I posted a bunch (of reggae versions) on my Barack election tribute as well:

FYI The anonymous reich-wing trolls invaded my comments pages too:
archer said…
the mass hypnosis that has overtaken over half of the nation is disturbing. i think all sensible folks should walk around in public places snapping their fingers in an effort to return the hypnotized to awareness.

every known negative was ignored, and baseless, naive fantasies nurtured, and now we have a dangerous socialist elected president.

every thing's upside-down and backwards.
we're in deep doo doo.

i hope like hell i'm wrong, and will be delighted if i am.
the odds, though, are slim to none that i am.
philo said…
Some change. By his appts it's Clinton lite.
You've been taken.

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