Sunday, August 23, 2015

Future Queens Redux- Vol.12

It's hard to fathom that I've been kicking around this mortal coil called the blogosphere since 2006. In the current social media addicted world, a music blog seems to be about as relevant to current times as parachute pants and jean jackets. But, in the fall of 2006, when I first decided to try my hand at spreading the word about music through the now antiquated format of a blog, I stumbled upon a peculiar corner of the internet named Prostrate Before a Periwinkle. Aside from the off-putting name, it was a brilliant resource for discovering esoteric artifacts from a wide variety of musical genres. Even though the link for the blog has not been active for several years, it is still possible to view small traces of it via The Wayback Machine, a magical portal into the internet's graveyard.

Back in September of 2007, I posted on Eclectic Grooves about the impact that Prostrate Before a Periwinkle had on my listening habits, and contributed a new episode to the Future Queens series that originated on their blog, a feature that highlighted the various female artists who have made a significant contribution to the musical landscape to date.  While I had hoped to make Future Queens an ongoing feature on Eclectic Grooves, this didn't come to pass at the time. Though the inspiration and the passion was present, a lack of time and energy stalled this project for an indeterminate amount of time.

Fast forward to eight years later, a time where female musicians have been shown a little more appreciation, though they have still been largely ignored by the blogs, newspapers and social media.  Considering this, I couldn't think of a better time to give this series a fresh start.

As you can see from the track list posted below, this is an eclectic mix featuring blues, folk, country, gospel soul, rock and pop music that was made solely by innovative female musicians who were determined to make it against great adversity in this male-dominated musical world.

I hope that you enjoy this new Future Queens mix.

Future Queens Vol.12
1) Anne Briggs- Lowlands Away
2) Shirley Anne Lee- I Shall Not Be Moved
3) The Slits- I Heard It Through the Grapevine
4) La Luz- Sure as Spring
5) The Bermudas- Donnie
6) The Ghost Ease- Full Super Moon (In Scorpio)
7) Thee Headcoatees- Wild Man
8) Fifty Foot Hose- If Not This Time
9) Grouper- Alien Observer
10) Broadcast- Corporeal
11) Juana Molina- Wed 21
12) France Gall- Poup E De Cire, Poup E De Son
13) Ros Sereysothea- Chnam Oun Dop Pram Muy
14) Marisa Anderson- Electricity
15) Bessie Smith- Good Man Is Hard to Find
16) Jessica Pratt- Greycedes
17) Coleman Family- Peace on Earth
18) Aretha Franklin- I Never Loved a Man  (The Way I Do You)
19) Buffy Sainte-Marie- Gonna Feel Much Better When You're Gone
20) Lhasa- Fool's Gold