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Halloween Redux Part 2

I had planned on posting one Halloween mix a day during the past week, but sadly this didn't come to fruition. As a result, I'm going to post the remainder of the mixes that are no longer available to download at Halloween Hodgepodge 2009 1)       The Piranhas- Hi Everybody   2)       Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds- Pumpkin Pie   3)       Screaming Lord Sutch- Dracula’s Daughter   4)       Harrapian Night Recordings- The Sarimanok Flies   5)       Broadcast- A Seancing Song   6)       Scientist- The Voodoo Curse   7)       RJD2- The Horror   8)       Lon Chaney Jr.- Spider Baby   9)         Brian Eno- In Dark Trees   10)   Spooks- Cackle of the Dead   11)   Charles Sheffield- It’s Your Voodoo Working   12)   Comus- Diana   13)   Goblin- Witch   14)   Broadcast- Drug Party   15)   DJ Signify- The Sickness   16)   The Ghastly Ones- Ghastly Stomp   17)   The Sonics- The Witch   18)   White Noise- Black

Halloween Redux: 2008

 We're approaching the time of the season once again where people subject themselves to haunted houses, corn mazes, cemetery tours and hours upon hours of scary movies. I have to admit that I've lost interest in Halloween over the last few years, and this is partially the reason that there have been no new creepy mixes posted at Eclectic Grooves . I still appreciate the classic horror movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Children of the Corn, but most horror movies nowadays are way too violent and graphic for my sensibilities. Since there aren't too many active blogs that feature scary music on the internet these days, I wanted to repost some of my past Halloween mixes starting with the first few that are no longer available to listen/download anywhere on the internet. The following mix was originally posted on my I Hear a New World Podomatic site in 2008 House of Horrors mix For those of you who would like a tracklist for this mix, please drop m

Choice Cuts Vol.9- Hendrix and Tony Joe White

It is once again time for me to reach back in the refrigerator for some "choice cuts". Each time, I will be featuring sizzling and succulent morsels that are grabbing my ear right now that range from funk to country, from afro-beat to garage rock, etc. Sometimes there will be a theme to these songs that ties them all together in a nice bow, but other times the songs featured will just be a musical hodgepodge of eclectic delights. Without further ado, lets see what "choice cuts" the vinyl butcher has prepared for us today. Jimi Hendrix- World Traveler From: Freak Out Jam [Ubik, 1994] Several years ago I was listening to some music on a clunky old laptop that was about to give up the ghost when I stumbled upon this amazing funk jam from Jimi Hendrix called "World Traveler". While the guitars definitely had that patented Hendrix sound, the rhythm section sounded more like the Meters or JB's.  Taken from a bootle