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Plain Brown Wrappers #6- Ethereal Dissonance

I have received a few comments recently from folks wondering when the next Plain Brown Wrappers is going to be posted. Well... good things usually come to those who wait, and I'm sure that most of you will agree that today's post is of the highest caliber. Let me first get you up to speed on a couple of the projects that I have been working on while battling the daily distractions of life. Over the past couple weeks, I have been painstakingly compiling two lists: one for the Best Albums of 2009 and the other for the Best Albums of the Decade . Decade you say? Has this decade already come to a screeching halt. I am afraid so dear listeners, and since I happen to be a fanatic for lists and especially music lists, I couldn't resist the urge to work on an exhaustive overview of the best music from the last decade. Speaking of Fanatic, have any of you heard of the Henry Rollins radio show called Harmony in my Head? I randomly found out that this show existed when I stumbled upo

I Hear a New World Podcast #15- Halloween Hodgepodge

This Halloween 2009 edition of I Hear a New World is available to be downloaded at: , or streamed right here in the embedded Podomatic player. I realize that this podcast is a day late, but hopefully it's not a dollar short. As I was facing numerous challenges over the past couple weeks, it was nearly impossible for me to find time to compile this year's Halloween mix. I worked on gathering the songs on Halloween during the day, and then I put the finishing touches in Audacity just before the clock struck midnight. I know there are plenty of dark souls who listen to this type of music throughout the year, so this one's for you. Then, next Halloween you can pull this one out and give it a proper spin during Halloween. This one is an eclectic mix of soul, surf, experimental, hip-hop and electronic music that is sure to keep your interest. I would love to hear what any of you think about the podcast! Until next time...