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Nothing But Crickets

I realize that I haven't been updating this blog nearly as much as I had planned when I first started it eons ago (Actually it's only been two and half years, but who's counting, right)? But, seriously folks, there has been nothing but crickets on here for the past six months. The only post that really generated any excitement was the one on Barack Obama, but the comments mainly came fron right-winged conservatives looking to rain on my parade. Well, it wasn't really my parade, but you probably get the gist of what I'm saying here. Right now, it's a ghost town around here, people! I can hear the whistling through the tumbleweeds and it's not music to my ears. I hope you guys realize that running a blog is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a site that provides its readers with something interesting and creative, enough so, that it encourages them to come back periodically. These podcasts I've been doing lately are very time consuming

I Hear a New World- Podcast #9

The ninth episode of I Hear a New World is available to be downloaded at: This is the second installment of the Excursions in Space trilogy. With this episode, I have compiled an eclectic cross-section of artists including Bruce Haack, Sun Ra, Legendary Pink Dots, Ferrante and Teicher and Jimi Hendrix. I have posted the entire tracklist below so any mysteries of the unexplained can be, well, explained. This was originally supposed to be the second hour of a two-hour podcast, but it ended up being the middle section of a mix focusing on music associated with martians, astral voyages, UFO's and all other elements related to space. One glance at the tracklist is all it will take to reveal the complexity of this podcast. The selection of music includes ambient electronic, wacky psychedelic rock, experimental noise and 50's novelty rock. Essentially, I have taken pieces of classic sci-fi films and restructured them within the context of this pod

I Hear a New World- Podcast #8

The eighth episode of I Hear a New World is available to be downloaded at: This is the first part of three parts related to the theme of space including snippets from rare sci-fi movies, rare recordings of UFO mythology, authentic recordings of sounds from space and a myriad of sounds that evoke the experience of exploring space. I suppose you may be wondering what ever happened to that music fanatic who runs Eclectic Grooves. You may say to yourself "Did he fall off the face of the earth? " Well, actually that's not too far from the truth. I've been mining through hours and hours of songs that could fit into the context of a space theme. By space theme , I mean the whirring sound of rockets heading out to another dimension in time, the abstract experimental sounds of electronics emulating the sounds of space and everything in between. Since this was originally supposed to be one two hour podcast, the introduction on the first par